Summer Internship-Besecure Women Safety Application(Android App)

Gohil Rushabh Navinchandra
4 min readJul 11, 2020


How Started

My summer internship, I was given a task to make a Women Safety Application for help of women in emergency situation so first of all I named as Besecure and selected few technology for design and development & few for database which are most suitable. Firstly let’s clear few terminology.

Few Terminology

What Is Android Application?

First of this application is design for software platform,Android application is running for Android platform Because Android platform is basically design for mobile devices.A android app is designed for smartphones or a tablet PC running on the Android OS.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is mobile and web application development platform.Firebase features are Authentication,Realtime & Could Database,Storage,Hosting.The Firebase team has integrated new and exciting features of Google is Firebase like Crash,Performance,Test Lab,Remote Config,Dynamic Link,AdMob but this features are only applicable on Android & IOS but not Web.

Why Android Studio?

Android Studio is Android’s official IDE. It is purpose-built for Android to your development get faster and help you to build the high-quality app for every Android device. Following are advantages to use Android Studio rather than others.

Gradle Build System

Android Studio use highly integrated Gradle build system and it’s offered dependency management.

java code Auto-Completion

In Android studio we can write only starting of method and then generate pop-up and show all method to start with those letters. after crating class we can generate constructor,get-set method.


What Is The Purpose?

There are many app regarding Women safety application already presented but most important reason to develop is to make it simple in the terms of user experience.In entire nation have waken us to go for safety issues so I am develop this app to provide security to women via smartphones.

Which Technology Is Used?

Basically I am use Android studio for design.Login and Registration of users using Phone Authentication and to store users address and contact numbers using Realtime database.I am use Firebase for backed part of application.

My Work


First of any application there must be proper authentication system and I have done this we the help of Firebase phone authentication to store the data of user.In general i have added two pages one for number and country entering & other is to enter otp.

Structure & Design

In general for structure and validation purpose is used java and for designing purpose xml is used. Mostly all pages are design for good user friendly experience and also keeping in mind for having proper design for more interactive look. Also I have added good structure in every pages so that every feature can be easily route.


Lastly main section is the database which is used to store user activity like upload name,address,user contact number & guardian numbers and also database are used to retrieve data like when user is in not in secure condition then click the button on home page and go message on their stored guardian numbers. I have made this possible with the help of Realtime Database we can say a middle ware of firebase.

Following Screen Shots are my application

This page is our application first page here user login with their phone number after generate OTP in their number.I take country code for entire nation.

After enter number create new page of verification of phone number.If enter code is wrong then not go to next page.

This is Registration page of users personal information like their guardian number,address,friends number.after clicking submit button store all information of user in database.

This page is our main function page.Down of the shown all women safety call of the page our main application function when click the button then send message on user’s stored they can help her.

In Menu bar I am add our app feature like GPS for tracking live location and other basic app features.


The process of creating this application was the mixture of learning different concepts of Android studio and Firebase and implementation of what i had learned.As it was the first time in this Framework i faced many difficulties while creating this project like Authentication of users in firebase to the project, adding data of user in database etc. So my main moto to develop this app for women safety and I make very good to making and more functionally develop this application.


Thank you.